Latest News

2011.03.01: New Website Launched

The Trinity Web Team has launched a long overdue website makeover! The new website design provides a look and feel more befitting the modern Trinity Desktop Environment, and should make it easier to find any information you need.

The new site was written by Calvin Morrison, with general direction from Timothy Pearson and technical assistance from Serghei Amelian. As always, bugs should be reported to the project bug tracker.

Official Trinity Binaries

Debian Lenny Stable 3.5.12 [Installation Instructions][Release Notes]
Debian Squeeze Stable 3.5.12 [Installation Instructions][Release Notes]
Ubuntu Karmic Legacy 3.5.10 [Installation Instructions]
Ubuntu Lucid OldStable 3.5.11 [Installation Instructions][Release Notes]
Ubuntu MaverickStable 3.5.12 [Installation Instructions][Release Notes]
Slackware 12.2 Testing3.5.12 [Installation Instructions][Release Notes]

The Trinity Development Team is currently working on packages for RPM based systems such as OpenSUSE, RedHat, and Fedora. More information will be posted in the future as these packages near completion.

Help Wanted!

The Trinity team is currently looking for help in the following areas:

If you believe you can assist in these areas, contact us.